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LMDA Budget Management - December 2009

ELMSD Bulletin on Budget Measures

ELMSD Policy Changes in Response to Budget Pressures - Questions and Answers: Client Perspective

ELMSD Policy Changes in Response to Budget Pressures - Questions and Answers: Service Provider / Training Institute Perspective

Consultation on the Devolution

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Consultation 2009

The 2009 Consultation was held at the ASPECT Annual Conference. Powerpoint: Consultation on Employment and Labour Market Services from the Ministry of Housing and Social Development and the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development

Alliance Advocacy Toolkit Second Edition

This toolkit outlines a variety of communications strategies aimed at promoting the community-based training sector with respect to the Labour Market Development Agreement. Communications goals, messages, key audiences and strategies are provided. In addition, the toolkit offers tutorial information on media relations strategies.

Why a Consultation?

On February 20th, 2008, the federal government and the government of British Columbia signed the Labour Market Development Agreement and the Labour Market Agreement. The LMDA transfers responsibility for employment programming and more than $300 million dollars per year from Service Canada to the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance. The LMA transfers $66 million per year to the Ministry of Economic Development, to be disbursed through an array of other provincial ministries.

The Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance formed a Labour Market Development Transition Team. They are ready, willing and eager to consult with service providers. In order to accommodate the broadest and most in depth consultation, ASPECT coordinated with the Transition Team to host the second LMDA Consultation in BC.

Our goal is to ensure the seamless, transparent devolution of federal employment services to the province of BC and to contribute to the design, implementation and evaluation of an expanded provincial employment and training service program model through direct representation by stakeholders with service delivery expertise.

What is the Labour Market Development Agreement?

The Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA) is the federal-provincial agreement that sets out responsibility for delivering employment and training programs. It is being re-negotiated for the purpose of transferring the Employment Insurance Part II Employment Benefits and Support Measures from the federal government to the provinces and territories.

Government Panel Powerpoint Presentations 2008

Event Backgrounder Documents:

Canada-British Columbia LMA & LMDA Agreements Signed February 20, 2008

Key Documents - A Summary of the LMDA

The following links will provide you with information and resources about Canada - Provincial Labour Market Development Agreements.

Labour Market Development Agreements

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Several journalists have written about the Labour Market Development Agreement and its implications. Read their views here.

  • Labour decisions put in the hands of the province Today's Trucking News - USA, Friday - February 29, 2008 This agreement takes effect April 1. Through the second, a new Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA), BC assumes the responsibility for the design and…
  • "Who Gets $2 Billion for Job Skills"(Andrew MacLeod, TheTyee.ca - Vancouver, BC - Monday, February 25, 2008 The federal government is getting out of providing employment programs across Canada. In British Columbia it is handing the province $2 billion over six years to do the job. The province touts it as an opportunity to create a "made in B.C." system of employment services, but critics say "made in Tucson" may be more accurate.
  • Contracting social services a risky bet Huge U.S. firm taking over back-to-work programs for the disabled Jody Paterson, Victoria Times Colonist Published: Friday, September 21, 2007 Huge U.S. firm taking over back-to-work programs for the disabled. For better or worse, the bulk of B.C.'s back-to-work programs for people with disabilities are now under the control of a large, aggressive American corporation.
  • Aid programs miss their best targets Increasing move to privatization misses those who need help most Les Leyne, Times Colonist Published: Saturday, October 06, 2007 Increasing move to privatization misses those who need help most. Like colleague Jody Paterson, I'm having trouble getting my mind around the idea that a U.S.-owned corporation is now responsible for helping welfare clients find jobs.

Case Studies

The following stories illustrate the many different ways that community-based employment services respond to the needs of individuals, employers and groups with unique or special interests. The stories are true, though names and dates may be changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Take some time to read each one to understand the rich variety of programs and services available through community-based agencies and organizations.



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