ASPECT Small Business Employee Training Program

ASPECT is pleased to announce a timely and exciting new contract being delivered throughout BC by Member subcontractors. The ASPECT Small Business Employee Training Program is focused on helping small businesses to grow the potential of their lower skilled workers (known as “growth employees”) by providing them access to training courses that are tailored to the needs of small businesses and their employee(s).

This pilot project has space available for 1,000 “growth employees” across different regions in British Columbia that fit the eligibility requirement for this project. Each eligible “growth employee” will be provided with up to a maximum of $900 to be used towards training courses that are specific to the employees need. Employers and employee(s) would be required to meet with one of our Training Coordinators to determine what type of courses are required to help the employee grow within the organization. The Training Coordinator will then fit the needs to appropriate courses. In addition, the employee(s) will also receive up to 5 free online courses offered through the new ASPECT Impact learning management system.

A “growth employee” is someone that does not possess a high school diploma or has a high school diploma, but lacks accreditation or essential skills. Each “growth employee” is only able to participate in the program once, however more than one “growth employee” from a business can take part in the program at the same time.

Source: ASPECT

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