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Should non-profits be taxed for generating 'intentional profit'?

From BC Centre for Social Enterprise:

Child watchdog troubled by lack of fixes to system

B.C.'s child watchdog says she is still deeply worried about flaws in a new government computer system, after an outpouring of complaints from social workers.

What Life Without a Living Wage Looks Like

It's a paradox well known to residents of the Lower Mainland: Vancouver is repeatedly awarded the title of most livable city in the entire world, yet many of its residents are just scraping by.

From the Tyee: Groups urge BC premier to launch public inquiry on Integrated Case Management system

B.C.'s Freedom of Information and Privacy Association and other non-profit groups and privacy advocates have written a letter to Premier Christy Clark urging she create a public inquiry into the flawed computer system that is putting children at risk according to the province's independent Re

Norma in the News: Probe urged of computer system mess

Privacy watchdogs and service agencies are calling for a public inquiry into the B.C. government's flawed new computer system.

The coalition released a letter to Premier Christy Clark criticizing the "disastrous" launch of the province's $182-million Integrated Case Management system.

BC's Liberal Gov't Tackling ICM Computer Problem

[Editor's note: Yesterday we published an opinion piece, "BC Libs' $200 Million Computer Glitch," by Claire Trevena, North Island MLA and New Democrat critic for Children and Family Development.

BC Libs' $200 Million Computer Glitch

Following recent criticism of the Integrated Case Management (ICM) system by the Representative for Children and Youth, and concerns raised earlier in the legislature by the New Democrats, the BC Liberal government has finally admitted their multi-million dollar computer system was poorly implemented and may not keep children safe.

Free Nonprofit Webinars for August

From Wild Apricot: See below for a few sample webinars being offered in August. Full list can be accessed here.

Most Canadians confident that if laid off, they’d ‘easily’ find new employment: poll

TORONTO – If they were out of a job tomorrow, a majority of Canadians say they’re confident they’d easily land on their feet with new employment, according to a new poll.

The poll – conducted by Ipsos Reid exclusively for Global News and Postmedia News - suggests a national optimism despite a fragile economy.

Province committed to new computer system

Across the social-service programs of government are many complex computer and information technology systems that provide vital information, payments and services for British Columbians. Many of those systems are more than 30 years old and it is imperative that new systems be brought on line to support efficient delivery of those social services.

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